5 Ways to Improve Your Content Writing Skills

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Though considered a rewarding profession, content writing is also a meticulous task that requires the ability to resonate with audiences. Unfortunately, many content writers fail to acknowledge its primary objective: to develop a great piece of content that helps you connect with people and deliver the right message.

The factors that go into achieving that aim are many, starting with content ideation, also known as the art of finding the right subject, angle and title for the piece, and leading all the way to the post-creation analysis. However, outside of the traditional content creation elements, there are many tools and aspects that go into developing successful copy.

Here are 5 insider tips to help you excel in content creation.


Consider Every Piece of Content as a Game-Changer

It cannot be overstated: Making sure your content is original is key to spreading your message. The online landscape is rife with writers and content, so if you’re looking to stand apart, your creativity will play a major role. Your wit and know-how will be your tools to make that possible. And if all else fails, you can take some cues from our own practices:

  • Choose a different perspective for a generic topic
  • Use your own voice
  • Cite examples that are realistic and relatable
  • Include infographics to drive the point home

It is very important to push your skills as a writer, to ensure that what you’re offering isn’t the same as what’s already out there. Try to turn even the smallest copy into trailblazing content by forgoing anything that limits your reach. When it comes to content writing, it is essential that you think outside the box to influence audiences through your work.


Understand Your Topic

Begin by asking yourself two simple questions: What is the purpose of my content? Who am I reaching out to?

By finding the answers, you’re getting a firmer grip on the style, angle and target audience, bringing you one step closer to achieving your aim. Answering the more technical aspects of your content from the start also allows you to give yourself a head start and clear up most difficulties or obstacles you might face along the way.

All that’s left is putting your writing skills to good use.


SEO is your #1 Ally

It really is. Understanding how to find the right keywords to make your content stand out and how to integrate them without overcrowding your piece are key to giving your content more visibility and a higher rank on search engines.

Use your writing skills, style and wide vocabulary to your favor by anticipating search entries and enhancing your piece with the right words.


Keep Track of the Performance

Following up on your piece and understanding how it performs is just as important as writing it.

Check your analytics to gauge how audiences are responding to your content. Track metrics such as average lifetime value and bounce rates to understand what hits and what misses with your audience. Once you have an idea about the type of content your target demographic is interested in, then you can tailor your writing skills to attract more readers.

The bigger the traffic, the better chances you have to establish yourself as a content creator.


Read to Master

Reading hones your content writing skills and is crucial for content creators. It is also important to remember that when reading, you shouldn’t limit yourself to skimming the content, but rather work to actually understand the tone and essence of the subject. Pay close attention to the details of writing to learn how various writing styles differ and resonate with audience groups.

Written by Reina El Turk


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