4 Pages You Should Seriously Consider for Your Website

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In this day of modern marketing and digital advertising, the internet is overflowing with data and information. The World Wide Web has brought us closer together, sure, but with this border-breaking globalization came over-exposure. There are billions of websites out there, covering every possible topic, from food to medicine to housing to insects to robots to bacteria to magic to the Arctic Ocean to real estate… if you can name it, it’s online.

So, with abundance of information, how do you create a page that stands out?

Here are 4 pages you should seriously consider including in your website.


1. About

This one’s a no-brainer, really. You’ll come across very few online pages that do not include a semblance of a bio, and for good reason. A well-planned “About” page will establish a connection with the audience, because humans look to connect even through a screen. They want to know what they’re looking at, what makes you tick and why your business is what they need.

A little history and context will truly go a long way.


2. FAQs

Granted, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages are not for everyone. Sometimes, they might prove unnecessary. But on most occasions, the FAQ page makes all the difference. For one thing, it will give you a lot more credibility, seeing as you’re anticipating your users’ needs as well as proving you’re well-equipped and prepared.

Plus, when you think about it, you’re actually saving yourself the time and energy it will take to answer a bunch of redundant questions from different visitors day in and day out. And don’t forget that FAQs can be updated as you grow, so you can always add questions you come across later on.


3. Contact Page

There are few things I hate more than looking up the contact info of a company or shop and not finding any. The contact page is a must.

Make it comprehensive and useful. It’s the 21st century, there’s at least ten different ways to get in touch with anyone these days, so include them ALL!


4. Blog

In Epic Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi repeats one idea throughout his book: “Your customers don’t care about you, your products, or your services. They care about themselves.”

The idea behind this statement, he goes on to explain, is very simple. What you should offer your customers is something they need, something that will help them, so they can come back to you.

And that’s exactly the role of a blog. It’s your direct link your audience.

If you’re a baker, fill it with recipes and kitchen tips. If you’re a car salesman, write about new car models and auto-repair tricks. Whatever your business, make sure your blog offers readers content that will help them, and they will reward you with trust and loyalty.

And at the end of the day, who doesn’t want that?

Written by Reina El Turk


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