When Commanine set out to conquer the world of content, we approached the field a little differently. Our journey began with the realization that content doesn’t have a secret ingredient for success.

We found that the key to cracking this field was accepting that each piece of content was new, different and unique. That what worked for one industry, didn’t necessarily work for the other. That each different type of content required a completely particular set of skills.

We started to examine the different industries and their singular needs. We began to speak, write and communicate differently, exploring distinct styles and tones of voice. We specialized in different types of content and collaborated with writers across a diverse range of industries. And most importantly, we dove head-first into the context of each piece, studying every little detail in its fiber to create the finished product.

Today, our team of writers, content specialists, marketers, account managers, project developers, brand experts, copywriters and creative thinkers continue to lead the charge and expand our horizons to serve each and every client to the best of our potential and knowledge.

If Content is King, Context is the Kingdom. And we are the Sword.