3 Unique Ways Content Localization Improves your Web Traffic V4

Neil Patel, a Content Marketer from the USA translated his website into 82 different languages, only to see a whopping 47% increase in search traffic in just 3 weeks.

When I stumbled upon this information, it made me stop and think about the importance of localizing content and its direct impact and influence on targeting audiences.

The truth is that the majority of content found online is written in English. This mean that every piece of content out there is directly competing to rank higher than a growing number of others in the search engine.

However, what we often fail to remember is that the ability to reach out to any target audience in their “local” language not only reduces the competition but also increases search traffic to the desired website or page in an organic manner.

So why not go outside the proverbial box and actually tailor your content to your audience, even if it means steering away from traditional English?

Here are 3 unique ways that content localization can improve traffic to your website.

  1. Improves your SEO ranking with targeted traffic

Optimizing your content for search engines by shoving keywords left and right into your content can no longer cut it. Content today needs to be drafted with more than that in mind. It needs to not only fit into a boxed keyword criteria, but rather catch your audience’s attention and enable them to understand what you have to offer and why they should go for it.

The idea here is to use the right keywords for your local audience. This will help in creating engaging messages that have greater value and more potential to retain visitors on the page. By doing so, you also naturally decrease the bounce rate and increase the time of every session, areas that are extremely fundamental when it comes to your SEO ranking.

  1. Project your brand’s “work” locally to gain better recognition

Businesses today rely heavily on brand recognition. When you create a brand, one of your first tasks is to define ways in which it could reach your target audience in an effective manner. While on one side your message is competing on the search engine to rank higher, on the other side, content localization helps you reach out to your target audience in a more compelling way.

Content localization plays an important role as it retains your brand’s message to its primary target audience and also helps in gaining more recognition amongst these audience groups.

  1. Increases conversion ratein your website

Content Localization gives your readers a chance to comprehend your brand message organically and easily. This is largely because localized content echoes the consumer’s sentiments and helps them make a more informed decision quickly.

Content Localization is also far superior to Content Translation when it comes to affection website conversation rates. While the latter merely translates words into another language, the former relies on intuitiveness to use “the more fitting counterpart” to the word, even if it isn’t always the exact translation.

In that instance, writers take a step further by keeping in mind the sentiments of the target audience based on their geographic location and cultural nuances. This helps you naturally connect to your readers, encouraging them to make quick decisions and improving your conversion rates in the process.

There are many more ways in which Content Localization can help your brand. If you have any other questions on Content Localization, leave us your queries in the comment section below, and feel free to check out some of our blog posts here.


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