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Content Translation

Content translation is an intricate task that requires time, experience, wit and the right skills to find the right words to resonate with different audiences. We specialize in a slew of translation services tailored to your every need. After a short processing period, we assign new projects to a team with the appropriate expertize and background, taking into account the content being translated as well as the cultural context and target audience.


Sometimes, the content, brand and nature of the project require a much more in-depth look and a different perspective. That’s where transcreation comes in. Commonly adopted in marketing and also known as cross-market copywriting, it is the creation of content that bears a similar message, intent, style, tone and context as the source content while being entirely different in a number of ways.

Content Writing & SEO

The right content is a key component in the fiber of your brand. It establishes your identity and speaks to your customers, introducing them to your ideas and influencing their decisions. SEO, on the other hand, is the secret ingredient that allows your website to climb up the search engine ladder and garner the right kind of attention. Nailing this combination relies on a critical balance of experience and skill.

Financial Content

At Commanine’s line of content writing and translation services caters directly to the Finance industry and includes collateral such as compliance reports, audit reports, financial statements and balance sheets, equity and bond statements, newsletters, key investor information documents, business plans, insurance documents, corporate communication, research papers, articles, banking software, fact sheets and financial products.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

To cater to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, we provide clients with a selection of specialized translation and copywriting services. Our linguists tackle content-specific medical documents with absolute care and a clinical attention to detail, in order to best deliver the message and ensure its accessibility to patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Website Localization and Copywriting

Content localization takes into account factors such as the cultural and regional history of the content, the tone of voice and the proper context, and even adopts subject-specific terminology and vocabulary. Simply put, even the smallest nuances in dialect can make a monumental difference.

Content Marketing

Brick by brick, you’ve been building your brand for a long time. Your journey is still at its very start, but the foundation you’ve laid has already given you the boost you needed to take your brand all the way. You’ve started the fire. It’s time to spread it.

Brand Storytelling

So you’ve created your brand. It’s special. It’s powerful. It can change the world. You’ve spent hours laboring over the concept, weeks working out the finer details and months turning your vision into a reality. You’ve been waiting years for this moment. Now it’s time to make your first impression, and it has to be simply unforgettable. It’s your story. We’re just here to tell it.

Video & Script Writing

If you think of your brand’s journey as a movie, it’s easy to see the components that have led to your success. A bold idea and milestones defined by a strong team of thinkers; tools to turn your ideas into concrete realities; a sense of market knowledge to captivate audiences; and, most importantly, a compelling script that pushes the envelope.

Social Media Management

You’ve done all the hard work, building your company from the ground up and finding the right team to spread your message. So why haven’t you taken off yet? Simply put, because today it’s no longer about who the best is and more about who has the most friends. It’s simple, really: Build your brand. Go social. Find your crowd.

Blog Content Management

It took a while, but you brand is now the product of years of development. It’s grown to become exactly what you envisioned. Now what? Well, it’s time to take things to the next level and reach your audiences in new ways. Blogging generates over 120% more leads. This is where you encourage your audience to embrace you by embracing their needs.


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